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Last Friday I went with two awesome friends to see Nerdist Podcast Live! (Nerdist is Chris Hardwick, with friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, if you want to know more ask me.) It was tons of fun!  The first show had Brent Spiner as the guest! The Second Show had Wil Wheaton! It was fun times.

AND I got to Meet Chris, Matt and Jonah after the show! HERE HAVE A PICTUREPicture of me and the Nerdist Podcast Crew Under the cut )

It was a blast and I'll make a separate post about the show when I am not tired and going OMG LET ME GO HOME.

Last time I posted I was going \o/ I HAVE A START DATE FOR MY JOB.

Which is next Monday.

So, Here i am, at 5:09am on Wednesday the 30th, 27 hours until I am officially done at Days Inn Scottsdale Fashion Square. Wasting time because my replacement is amazing and she is doing the job perfectly.

So my friends. It's been an interesting 5 years here. The stories I could tell, I could fill a book.

How is everyone?


Dec. 23rd, 2011 01:03 am
saxihighlandck: Topeka Capitol  (No Place Like Home)
My Rage. Let me show you it.

We have a new guy at work.

He patronized me today, in front of a coworker.

I made a mistake (that my GM will have to fix because I cant remember how to do it)

He proceeded to say 'Aww, You're not used to messing up are you?' in that tone, he pat my shoulder and said 'You're not taking it well.'

.... excuse me?

I've been here for 4 years. I should know not to screw up like that. Yeah, I take it hard. YOU Mr. I've been here 3 days need to STFU and keep your hands to your self. YOU Don't get to judge me. YOU are brand new. 

NO LOVE, me.


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