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Okay gang. My High School (which I Graduated from in 2005) has a chance to go to Edinburgh Arts Festival in 2012.
About this project When 85% of a school’s students qualify for free, or reduced lunch, you don’t expect them to drive nice cars, and carry laptops to school, much less go on trips to Europe. But a lack of material wealth doesn’t mean those kids can’t be rich in dreams and talent. Case in point: the drama department of Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas. They won the honor of participating in the American High School Theatre Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in August, 2012. Long recognized for its entertaining and innovative productions, Scots Theatre was selected by the American High School Theatre Festival as one of 51 high school theatre programs to represent the United States as part of the 2012 AHSTF program during the August Fringe Festival. The AHSTF Board of Advisors reviews all completed applications and identifies the top high schools based on their most recent bodies of work, awards, community involvement, philosophies, and recommendations.
As you can see, it’s a tremendous honor, but it presents a daunting challenge as well! In order to take their theatre troupe and its show to Edinburgh’s prestigious Fringe Festival, they need to raise $95,000. That’s roughly $6,000 per student!

Can you help?

Here is the link to their Kickstarter Page
Here is an Article from the Topeka Capitol-Journal about the trip as well.

As of the time of the Article in Mid-December they still need about 75,000 dollars. ANY little bit helps.

PLEASE if you can help in ANY way this would be amazing. I can tell you, my school deserves this great opportunity. We are the underdog of Topeka and always have been. I am doing my best that I can to help from Arizona but please… boost a signal, send a dollar. ANYTHING. Please help. Feel free to DM me if you want. Here is a FB link about the cause and info on the trip itself.

Just pass this on PLEASE it would mean a lot to me and the kids at the school.


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