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One more final

Today I have the last final for the semester, it is Beg. Algebra.

Then I will head home... and sleep.

Sleep is good and I am not doing alot of that right now.

I shall try to sleep...

See you in the morning.
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Ashling_Darcy made me shiny icons! Firefly ones! :D

That is Kaylee. *squee* With the strawberry... oh the strawberry.

Hmm Anyways, The musical is FINALLY over. I'll be posting things aboiut that later...

Next week is finals week so I am almost done! :D

*runs off to watch 'The Empty Child' Episode of Dr. Who*


Apr. 17th, 2006 12:02 pm
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So, I'm sitting in my dorm and it hits me. I have 4 weeks of classes left.

Next week is the musical, can't wait for that. We're working with an accompanist from now on. :)

If you want info on the muiscal email me. :D

What else... I got my car! Mom's getting the tags this week and I should be driving it soon!

I'm working on Fics... really... I am... *fake smile*

Mate... I miss you... so much...
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So, I'm going back to college. Break was definatly interesting.

Knee surgery... I have three new scars,

No fics done. *headdesk*

Talked out alot of plots with Bev and others.

Just got off of crutches, but might need them if it's a long walk or a long day.

I couldn't memeorize over break due to pain pills.


So... I'll be back when my new computer gets the antivirus from the college. :D I got a laptop!!!!
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So, today... didn't do anything.

Got attacked by a bunny and must start on flashback's.... think about another story...

And oh yeah.. write 292 more fics... *sighs*

I need to start Civil as well...

What should I finish first:

House 3 chapter 1

AU Sylum- Where I kill... you know who.

Speed and Warrick's conversation

A fluffy bunny that is in the verse of Romance writer Warrick and Rancher Nick...
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I need sleep... I think it's the mood of the day. It's like gloomy weather outside...

I need something happy... maybe a nap.. yes a nap at 8:30am... mmm

I also need a bunny... meh.
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Someone needs to smack me. *sigh*

I was watching 'Monk' Today and Sylum bunnies attacked me. So now... I'm writing a damn Monk fic to get him added to the clan. *looks pitiful* I need help...

And lets see... I have this Sahara bunny trying to tell me what to do but it's not really there yet.

So... Monk as a Vamp... anyone have an idea for a mate for this guy?


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