Apr. 2nd, 2012

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About a month ago, I had someone come over the counter where I work.

It was 4am, she was yelling ‘don’t let him get me, don’t let him find me.’ She scaled the counter and hid behind the desk. I called the police. They came, she started to get belligerent and yelling and kicky and they took her away for disturbing my peace and trespassing (not a guest) and other things.

I hadn’t thought about it again until I got the police report. I filed it away in the back of my head.

I got a call on Friday from Victims Services from the local Police Department. They needed my correct address to send me papers because of the case State Vs. Chick who came over the counter at me. State Vs Chick. … It’s going to court.

Realizations have hit. I really am not okay since this happened. I have applied for jobs, listing reason of wanting to leave my current job… because of safety as my main reason.

I work alone. I have no security on property with me. Yeah we lock the doors now and are locked in a glass box (lobby) for 5 hours of the night.

I don’t feel safe anymore. I hate working on Fridays. I hate it. I feel sick when I come into work. I want to throw up and hide and NOT be there. I’m not okay.

This only started after what happened.

Nothing physical happened to me. But it does haunt me. How it could have turned out. How it could have be different.

I don’t know whats wrong with me. I can close my eyes and see what happened and it won’t go away.

Is this normal?


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